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Gallery 742 pics
Felix Doll Brownies Tobby
Felix Doll Brownies Tobby
Dollb Dollk Leffy
Dollb Dollk Leffy
Dollb Dollk Leffy
Dollb Dollk Leffy
Lati Yellow
Lati Yellow
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Dollb.com welcomes our customers' feedback. Below is a list of valued customer comments concerning our products. If you own a Dollb.com product, we invite you to send your testimonial (including the order no. as reference) to us at info@dollb.com.
Natalya - Kazakhstan (2013-05-10)


I've received my doll Alice from Luts, and send you her photos.

Yours, Natalya

Little Afternoon Denim Vest Set B Little Ladies - Set of Checker Pattern Dress Blue Denim Bib Overalls Blue Layered Skirt Blue Striped Bear Ear Hoody Jacket Blue & White Striped Lace Leggings Pink shirt Pumpkin Orange Lace Bloomers Blue Check Lace Bloomers Dark Green 4-Pockets Jeans "Heart Me" Denim Dress Tiny BJD Pink White Polka Dot Lace Socks Tiny BJD Blue Lace Socks White Adidas Style Sneakers Cute Hat Set - Panda Cute Hat Set - Bear Brown Strappy Sandals Pink & White Striped Stockings Black & White Striped Stockings Blue & White Striped Socks Green & Black Striped Socks White Strappy Sandals Green Canvas Sneakers

Olga - Russia (2013-05-01)

Thank you for fine outfits!

Photo of my dolls for you.

Blue Denim Bib Overalls Cute Bear Dress Set Cute Hat Set - Bear Black Buckle School Shoes

Sara - Spain (2013-02-15)

I just wanted to let you know how happy I was with the items I ordered from you and how fast I got it! I just wanted to let you know that I am a VERY satisfied customer and I will order more from you from now on! Thank you so much. Sincerely

Blue Denim Bib Overalls Blue Flowers Mary Janes Black Mary Janes

Bibi - USA (2013-01-12)

Love your shoes! Love your shop!

Red Butterfly Mary Janes Green Butterfly Mary Janes Pink Butterfly Mary Janes

Agnès Dabouis - France (2012-04-16)


I just received my order perfect as always!!

I would like to add a testimony to your list if it's possible. I include a picture of my dolls wearing your oufits.

I'm glad you're back, I just love your shoes and outfits and the shipping is so fast and at reasonable price!!

Best regards

NOTE: In the Picture, the small one is an Obitsu 11cm body with an Obitsu 11cm head and the taller one is an Odeco doll from Petworks (around 20cm)

Tiny Love Set White Flower Slip-On Pink Butterfly Mary Janes Red Little Gardner Cloth Set

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