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Gallery 742 pics
dollb dollk Leffy
dollb dollk Leffy
Lati Yellow
Lati Yellow
Fairyland PukiFee Ante
Fairyland PukiFee Ante
dollb dollk Leffy
dollb dollk Leffy
1 - 1 of 1 Testimonial about Red School Shoes (S00021C) - (Show All Testimonial)
Dollb.com welcomes our customers' feedback. Below is a list of valued customer comments concerning our products. If you own a Dollb.com product, we invite you to send your testimonial (including the order no. as reference) to us at info@dollb.com.
Helen Theodorides - United Kingdom (2012-02-11)

Love these shoes, I have lots of them p+p was a bit high and didn't go down much though I bought over ten pairs. Postage was a third of the costs. Very nice though and despite of this I would highly recommend them and this seller who gave good communication and posted them out quickly.

Brown Strappy Sandals Green Strappy Sandals Pink Strappy Sandals Yellow Mary Janes Black School Shoes Blue School Shoes White School Shoes Pink School Shoes Blue Mary Janes Yellow School Shoes Red School Shoes White Flower Sandals Green Strappy Sandals

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