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Gallery 742 pics
VOLKS YO-SD YoTenshi Yuki
VOLKS YO-SD YoTenshi Yuki
Felix Doll Brownies Tobby
Felix Doll Brownies Tobby
Lati Yellow
Lati Yellow
Lati Yellow
Lati Yellow
1 - 2 of 2 Testimonial about White Crystal Sandals (S00010B) - (Show All Testimonial)
Dollb.com welcomes our customers' feedback. Below is a list of valued customer comments concerning our products. If you own a Dollb.com product, we invite you to send your testimonial (including the order no. as reference) to us at info@dollb.com.
Alena Lunyashina - Russia (2010-04-02)

Dear Dollb,
I received my order yesterday!
Your shoes are fantastic! Thank you very much! Have a nice day!

White School Shoes Black Ventilation Slip-On Pink Canvas Sneakers White Crystal Sandals Red Ventilation Slip-On White Strappy Sandals White Lace Socks Black Flower Sandals

Samuel González del Valls - Spain (2010-03-16)

I have recived all in perfect conditions and I´ll buy you again!

White School Shoes Flower Pink Ballerina Blue Ventilation Slip-On White Crystal Sandals Golden Slip-On Pink & White Striped Stockings

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