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Gallery 742 pics
Fairyland PukiFee Ante
Fairyland PukiFee Ante
Lati Yellow
Lati Yellow
PukiFee Ante
PukiFee Ante
Lati Yellow
Lati Yellow
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Dollb.com welcomes our customers' feedback. Below is a list of valued customer comments concerning our products. If you own a Dollb.com product, we invite you to send your testimonial (including the order no. as reference) to us at info@dollb.com.
Gabriela Aebischer-Perillo - Switzerland (2010-02-10)

Such a lovely dress & shoes and quick delivery. Thank you!

"Little Cute" Cloth Set Green Mary Janes

Dawn - UK (2010-01-05)

Sorry for the delay in replying - I have been travelling over Christmas. These have been received and were absolutely wonderful. The ones I ordered were for my sister but I was so pleased with them that I am going to be ordering some more today - this time for me.

Thanks again!

White School Shoes White Mary Janes Green Mary Janes Pink Mary Janes White Lace Socks

Amélie Lochard - France (2009-11-30)

I received the shoes this morning. Thank you very much, all is perfect ! :)

Green Strappy Sandals Green Mary Janes Pink Strappy Sandals Black Mary Janes Red & Black Striped Socks

Virginie Mary Peterson - Malaysia (2009-11-04)

I am very delighted with the tiny shoes I purchased. My dolls now look so good with shoes that can match their clothes. Thank you for making my day brighter.

Black Mary Janes Brown Mary Janes Pink Canvas Sneakers Green Mary Janes Yellow Strappy Sandals Yellow Canvas Sneakers Brown Canvas Sneakers White Strappy Sandals Pink Mary Janes

Tea van Tellingen - Netehrlands (2009-10-28)

I bought shoes from Dollb.com begin october.

They fit my pukifee perfect,and there so cute.and well made.shipping was fast and the contact was also good.

Black Mary Janes White Mary Janes Pink Mary Janes Green Mary Janes

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